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The Russians Are Coming

History has shown that geo-political turmoil, as well as uncertainty can rock the stock market. There will be more uncertainty after an invasion than before. What actions will the U.S. take? Financial action geared toward banking? A naval blockade? Economic sanctions? Tariffs?  Expect stocks to slide. Positioned properly a 5% move could equate to a 350% return.

Gold is viewed as not only a hedge against inflation but a safe harbor. Will the geo-political turmoil be limited to eastern Europe, or will China flex her muscles against Taiwan? Expect gold to surge; a 5% move can return over 400%.

Last year a minor disruption in natural gas sent prices skyrocketing. Russia is a huge supplier of fossil fuels to Europe. The Nord 2 pipeline flows under the Baltic Sea directly from Russia to Germany. Whether the pipeline is stopped to disrupt Russian revenue or by Russia to punish Europe, supply should decrease and cause a natural gas price increase. A 5% jump could yield over a 250% return.

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