Traders Edge

Why Trader’s Edge

Strong Financials

Trader’s Edge significantly exceeds the National Futures Association’s minimum net capital requirements. We not only conduct our own audits but are also audited by the National Futures Association. Our financial integrity allows us to clear our business with various clearinghouses and tap into their extensive research.

Solid Experience

The President of our firm, Edward F. Carr, has over 40 years experience and Vice President, Jonathan W. Lubow, has over 32 years experience. Mr. Carr has given numerous seminars throughout North and South America while Mr. Lubow has co-authored the well-received and internationally respected book “Options on Futures: New Trading Strategies.” (Wiley, 2002). Both principles are well versed in hedge portfolios for corporate as well as individual accounts.

Flexible Commissions

Our commissions will vary depending on the size of your account and the services you desire. We provide everything from full service to discount electronic trading. No matter which category you choose you will always have a highly trained experienced broker at your disposal.

Superb Clearing

Trader’s Edge is in the enviable position of being an independent Broker (our financials are strong enough to stand on our own) Trader’s Edge has the choice of clearing your business with various FCMs. Throughout the years, we have established strong relationships with floor brokers both in New York and Chicago. We utilize the lighting fast Globex and ICE electronic trading platforms and have access to 24 hour trading.

Minimum Margin

Our clients can receive the benefit of exchange minimum margin. Regardless of the exchange or market you trade you may qualify for the lowest margin rate available. SPAN margin is available for all of our accounts.


Traders Edge